This Week in Coloma

Coloma Hotel is Open and Receiving Guests
(please see new operating procedures below)

Wed – Sat        Cabin is open. Carryouts & In-restaurant/outdoor  dining.

Red Hill Royal Open

Saturday, Sunday    LaVore’s Providing Takeout

Tuesday – Sunday      Rough Cut Provides Takeout & Is Open for Customers (Inside & Outside Seating)

Bread Bar opens Thursday — please see their menu for takeout.

Friday May 29 
Coloma Hotel Pub will Open 4 – 10 pm

If the weather is nice, we are encouraging people to sit outside on the deck.

There are only 4 bar stools at the bar and one table in the pub.

There is the living room with 4 tables, 2 chairs each.

We are encouraging social distancing – -we want everyone to be safe.

Saturday     May 30

8:30 am       Coloma Cycling Club

4 – 10 pm      Coloma Hotel Pub Open — Limited Seating as stated above.

Sunday           May 31

9 am            Zoom Worship for Prince of Peace, ELCA
(visit Prince of Peace website or Facebook page).


Vitamin D Builds Your Immune System

You Tube Videos:

Dr. Campbell
give a lot of great information about Covid-19 treatments.

Evidently you can build up your immune system with Vitamin D.
So, get some sun (don’t get burned) or take a supplement.

Watch Dr. Campbell’s videos on Vitamin D on You-Tube, you’ll enjoy them.

What Week of Isolation?

After Weeks of Self-Isolation and it’s like Vegas in our house. We’re losing money by the minute, cocktails are acceptable at any hour, and nobody knows what time it is.

Entertainment on the Deck

Of course, the entertainment is “on hold” for now.

When we can open the bar, we will resume entertainment for those performers who feel comfortable playing.

We will maintain social distance and if it rains, we will not host the group in the living room.

Please check back for when we resume performances and more information.

Coloma Hotel & Covid-19

The Coloma Hotels is open and ready for customers.  

The Pub Is Closed until further notice because of Covid-19.  

We are instituting the following recommended CDC and Badger Bounce back protocols at the hotel: 

  1. All bedspreads and pillow shams have been removed.  All bedding will be washed following a customer stay. 
  2. All surfaces in the rooms will be sanitized after a guest stay, but there will be a bleach water solution in the room for customer use.  Feel free to sanitize surfaces at your convenience. 
  3. We are removing all glass coffee cups and glasses for now and providing disposable cups and glasses. 
  4. We can only serve “to go, packaged items” for breakfast.  Therefore we have an assortment of such things as: apple sauce, fruit cups, pudding and granola bars.  Of course, the selection will depend upon the number of people staying in the hotel at any one time.  We encourage guests to bring their own food or plan for take-out at a local restaurant. 
  5. Guests are asked to socially distance themselves from non-family members. There will be a bleach solution in the living room so that guests can disinfect the tables. 
  6. Rooms will be left idle for 24 hours before cleaning. Therefore, check-in immediately after a guest leaves will be impossible.  Please let us know ahead of time if you are coming if at all possible. 
  7. Chairs (inside & outside) have been placed 2 per table so that family groups can social distance. 
  8. Please wear masks when it is impossible to social distance. 
  9. Towels and sheets will be washed and dried on hot. 
  10. We cannot provide housekeeping during your stay.  We are happy to provide clean towels and garbage bags.  If you need clean sheets, please ask. 

Thank You for your patience and cooperation.

Live at the Coloma Hotel, 2020

Scheduling now for summer Entertainment on the Deck.

Fridays and Saturdays in July and August.

live at the coloma hotel

The Coloma Hotel does not pay it’s performers, but we do encourage gratuities.

Call Sue at 715-228-2401 if you are interested in performing.


Self Distancing Joke of the Week

Do you think that we’ve been fighting so much down here that God sent us to our rooms for awhile?


Do You Need Help Navigating the System?

The Coloma Lions Club & Prince of Peace, ELCA are here to help.

While we don’t have money for direct contributions, we do have people who can locate where help is available.e

Call 715-228-2401 if want help navigating the system for help.

Music in the Living Room — March 28

Come hear Guy, Pat & Dennis

Guy Kaplan, Pat Connolly and Dennis Mocado will play in the living room.

Oldies, favorites, folk.

Great night to get out and enjoy some music.

Saturday,  March 28

7 – 9 pm

Welcome Operating Engineers

Welcome to all of the Operating Engineers staying with us!

Our rates for operating engineers taking classes:

Single: $25 + tax/ night when you stay 2 or more nights.
Double: $40 + tax/night when you stay 2nor more nights.
Fridays and Saturdays: Regular Rates.

Less than 2 nights: $30/night single, $40/night double.

Thanks for Staying with Us!

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